You Own Your Own Business. Do You Hire Friends?

Pros and Cons to Consider

Owning your own business comes with many perks and even more tough decisions. You may be the one hiring, but what if someone you know applies for a position? Here are some common pros and cons to hiring friends and family.

Tips for Hiring Friends and Family

Say you have an open position at your company, and you know the perfect person for the job. But they happen to be your best friend. You could ask them to interview or simply hire them on the spot. However, consider how this might put a strain on your relationship. Here are three ways to keep things professional at the workplace:

  1. Make it official. As with any business relationship, draw up a contract with the job description and other pertinent details to help ensure there is no room for argument should things go awry.
  2. Voice your expectations. Even with a written contract, make your expectations clear in the beginning so there is no misunderstanding about what it means to be working together. Be sure to have this conversation ahead of the first day on the job.
  3. If possible, have them report to someone else. Friends and family shouldn’t get special treatment, especially if there are other coworkers at the company. Having your friend or relative report to another team member can help prevent preferential treatment. It also might make your other employees feel more comfortable with equality within the company.

Take some time to carefully consider if this is the right decision. One of the best ways to weigh your options is a Pro/Con list. We’ll get you started:

Pros to Hiring Friends and Family

  • You work well together—whether at a past position or in everyday life.
  • They are open to direction from you. And you feel comfortably talking to them about difficult decisions.
  • They are reliable. If they’re your emergency contact, they may make a good team member as well.
  • You have seen their work ethic, and it matches your expectations for other employees.

Cons to Hiring Who You Know

  • You know they are unreliable and have a rocky work history. You don’t have to hire them just because they’re family.
  • You aren’t on good terms or haven’t been in the recent past.
  • They are sensitive to criticism from you. Or they think they can get a pass because they know you.
  • You do a gut check and it doesn’t feel like the right decision.
  • You are considering out of obligation rather than desire to work with them.

Be Your Own Boss with the JDog Brands Family

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