Want to Be Your Own Boss?

Signs You’re Ready for a Franchise

If the job search is coming up empty or the current situation no longer satisfies, it could be a sign you’re ready to strike out on your own. If you’ve considered becoming an entrepreneur, but don’t know where to start, start here. Use these tips to help come up with your own business plan, or join an established brand as a franchisee. Franchise ownership isn’t for everyone, but it could be the right decision for you if you want to be your own boss. Here are some signs it’s time.

How to Be Your Own Boss

If business ownership has been tinkering in the back of your mind, this is your sign to take action. If any of these statements resonate with you and your current desires, franchise ownership could be the key to job satisfaction.

  1. You want to be the boss. As a franchisee, you are a business owner. If you have the entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to take the successes with the challenges, jump on board!
  2. You want a proven business model. When you start your own business, there are no guarantees. While owning a franchise does not promise success, you are certainly set up for it. A supportive path has already been paved for you with a plan that’s worked in other locations, so why not yours?
  3. You’re looking to lead with other leaders. One of the benefits of joining a franchise is that you’re not alone in your entrepreneurial journey. When you join a team like JDog, you have a community of likeminded individuals—who decided to be entrepreneurs like you—backing you up.
  4. You’re proud to call yourself a business owner. Starting any business shouldn’t be solely for the money. While it may seem like a great, and even lucrative idea at the time, you want to make sure you can be proud of the work you’re doing for it to be sustainable. Make sure you agree with the goals of the company and can see yourself there long term.
  5. Your family is supportive. The decision to become an entrepreneur doesn’t just impact you—it affects your entire family. Before you consider owning a franchise, make sure the people closest to you are also dedicated to your success. Some companies, like JDog, even encourage familial involvement.

Ready to Own a Franchise?

If you agree with one or more of the statements above, it’s one or more steps closer to becoming a franchise owner. If you’re looking for more information about current franchise opportunities, call us today at 484-324-6444. We work exclusively for Veterans and Military family members who have proudly served our country and are looking to bring the same respect and work ethic to local communities.