JDog Spouses

When one member of the family serves in the military, everyone is serving. The same is true for JDog. JDog Spouses is a support system for the family partners of JDog business owners who often play a role in the day-to-day operations.

Under the mentorship of co-founder Tracy Flanagan, JDog Spouses shares best practices and explores ways to further growth and development of the business in our local regions. They discuss the issues of balancing family life with operating a business. Most importantly, JDog Spouses are a source of guidance and support.

Contact Tracy “Mrs. JDog” Flanagan to learn more about the JDog Spouses.

Tracy “Mrs. JDog” Flanagan
484-318-8942 ext. 203

Tracy Flanagan

Tracy Flanagan

Vice President and Co-Founder – JDog Brands

Tracy co-founded JDog with her husband, Jerry, and has spent the last seven years helping to grow the business into a national Veteran brand. She leads the company’s workforce development initiatives, including a strategic relationship with the Veteran Administration’s Compensated Work Therapy Program. Through these programs, Tracy connects JDog Junk Removal franchise owners with resources to grow their workforce and support other Veterans seeking job opportunities as they transition back to the civilian world. She also leads the JDog training program on culture and customer service, ensuring the values of respect, integrity, and trust are ingrained within every JDog Junk Removal franchise and franchise owner.

As a Veteran spouse and family member, Tracy is a valuable and trusted mentor to the JDog Junk Removal spouses. She founded and heads up JDog Spouses, a support community that provides advice, resources, and other ways to balance family while growing a JDog Junk Removal business.

Tracy is also a sought-after speaker on the topics of Veteran entrepreneurship, women’s entrepreneurship, and Veteran hiring and employment.

Tracy is the founder and choreographer of Divine Dance Ensemble, a liturgical dance group that performs in church and community events. She also serves as Co-Chair of the Worship Committee at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Berwyn.

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