10 Traits of an Effective Leader

Whether You Own a Business or Not

Whether owning your own business or working with a team, everyone could use solid leadership skills. These 10 traits of an effective leader will help in the workplace as well in everyday life.

10 Traits of an Effective Leader

When you think of the ideal leader, what traits come to mind? This is the person that’s not only capable of getting a job done but also inspires others to want to help. So, how do they do that? Great leaders have:

  1. Integrity. Being honest breeds trust. It’s also an essential business practice when making decisions that affect an entire team.
  2. Influence. It’s easier to motivate others when you’re trusted, transparent, and authentic.
  3. Delegation. A leader is just one person. No one expects them to do everything. But how they delegate tasks and then trust those professionals to follow through inspires teamwork, autonomy, and accountability. 
  4. Communication. Clear communication is key in any area of life, but especially in the workplace. From initial direction to constructive feedback, the way a leader communicates and listens speaks volumes. 
  5. Self-Awareness. A leader understands their own strengths and where they need the most help. Having humility shows you’re only human.
  6. Gratitude. It doesn’t take much to say thank you, yet those words go a long way and often result in others working harder when they know that work will be appreciated.
  7. Agility. Growth and change go hand in hand, and being able to adapt to both takes practice and experience. 
  8. Empathy. Leaders understand that all people have feelings, and they lead with the sensitivity that these feelings are all valid. This creates a more inclusive environment. 
  9. Courage. Not only do leaders need to speak up for themselves, but also for others they work with. It’s not always easy to be the voice of a company and make the tough decisions, but great leaders take charge of the responsibility.
  10. Respect. It’s earned after proving you have the characteristics listed above. It’s also what leaders show to others on a daily basis by being a good listener, seeking to understand, and being open to other perspectives. 

Flexing Leadership Skills

If you are a Veteran or Military family member, you already know what great leadership looks like. Those in service truly understand the meaning of Respect, Integrity, and Trust. That’s why we’re proud to welcome you to join our team through our various franchise opportunities. You can request more information about owning a JDog business by calling us at 484-324-6444.