Why You Should Hire Vets

3 Qualities You Want in an Employee

Why You Should Hire Veterans

As a business owner, you want to hire the best employees possible. While there are many qualified candidates out there, veterans often bring something extra to the table that other potential hires don’t. From their training and experience in the military to their dedication and commitment to excellence, there are many reasons why you should hire Vets.

Why You Should Hire Vets

  • Leadership Qualities: Veterans have been trained in leadership, so they know how to take charge of a situation and get things done efficiently and effectively. They also understand the importance of teamwork, which makes them great team players who can help build morale and foster collaboration among employees. That kind of leadership can be invaluable when it comes to completing many tasks for a company.
  • Dedication and Commitment: Veterans understand the importance of dedication and commitment—they have dedicated themselves not only to their country but also to serving those around them with honor and integrity. This means that when you hire a veteran, you can rest assured that they will bring this experience to your business, whether it’s showing up on time or going above and beyond what’s expected of them.
  • Adaptability: The military teaches its members how to think quickly on their feet in order to adapt to changing situations seamlessly—and this same skill translates well into any professional setting. Veterans know how to stay focused even when faced with unexpected obstacles or changes in plans; they are able to think through challenges methodically until they find a solution that works. This kind of adaptability is essential for businesses looking for creative solutions or ways to stay competitive.

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Jerry Flanagan, JDog’s president and Army Veteran, opened the first JDog location with his wife, Tracy. They recognized the struggle many Veterans faced when acclimating back to civilian life and knew they had to do something to help the other Military families as this new stage of life begins. That’s when they committed themselves to creating entrepreneurship opportunities exclusive for Veterans and their families—the JDog franchises. JDog encourages franchisees to employ other Veterans to reduce the Veteran unemployment rate to below 1%. If you or a Veteran you know is interested in opening a franchise location, call us today at 484-324-6444.