Hiring Friends

What You Need to Consider First

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There’s an open position in your company. Your friend is looking for a new job. Is it meant to be? This scenario can put you in an uncomfortable position as the owner of a company or as the person in charge of hiring. Before hiring friends, there are a few things you need to consider.

Hiring Friends: What You Need to Consider First

  • Would you give this person a good reference? References often need to be provided when applying for new jobs. What would you say to someone else considering hiring your friend? Consider it a red flag if you feel like you would need to stretch the truth or lie altogether about your friend.
  • Can you guarantee your friend won’t get preferential treatment? It’s important to be mindful of your current employees when you bring on a new hire. If the new employee is given special treatment for no reason other than you know them, it can create an unhealthy and volatile work environment for everyone. Consider having your friend report to someone else so you don’t have to be involved with the daily management of their activities.
  • Can you leave work at work? Work-life balance is critical for a healthy lifestyle. You likely get together with friends during off-hours to relax and recharge. Will you and your friend be able to leave work at work, or will your Saturday night now be filled with talk about the office? Set the expectation ahead of time that discussions about work should take place during work hours.

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