What Are the Different Types of Franchises?

The Benefits and Concerns of Each

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The franchising world is big. There are many types of franchises that you can join to become a business owner with the help of a bigger brand. Read on to learn which type could be right for you.

Types of Franchises

Job Franchise

This type is franchise is usually a small, home-run business. Examples include lawn care services, real estate, travel agency, and a company like JDog Carpet Cleaning and JDog Junk Removal.


  • There are low start-up costs.
  • You generally don’t need to manage a big team of employees.


  • There is likely a limit to how much you can make without hiring a bigger team.
  • You need to have the motivation to succeed.

Distribution Franchise

This is a supplier-dealer relationship where the franchisee distributes the franchisor’s products. These are usually big-brand names. Some examples include GoodYear Tires and Chrysler.


  • Customers will come to you because you sell a well-known brand.
  • You are the business owner and won’t have much direction from the franchisor, which some people prefer.


  • If the big brand has bad PR or a disliked product, your customers will associate you with the company.
  • The company often does not supply an operating system for how to run your business, so you are on your own.

Business Format Franchise

This is the most well-known franchising system. You receive the systems, products, and marketing materials that allow you to fit in seamlessly with the brand. Examples include fast food, retail, and fitness establishments.


  • You have access to the franchisor’s business model so you can be set up for successful operation.


  • You have to work with the franchisor’s rules and standards.

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