How to Maintain Work-Life Balance as a Business Owner

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Entrepreneurs have a lot on their plates. They aren’t just working to make a successful career; they’re working to grow a successful business. With this pressure can come a work-life balance struggle. Here’s how you can maintain your sanity as a business owner while keeping time for your life outside of work.

How to Maintain Work-Life Balance as a Business Owner

  • Set your schedule:  One of the hardest parts about work-life balance is meeting expectations. If you have a set, realistic work schedule (even if it is a long day at 7AM to 7PM), the clock can serve as a reminder it’s time to put down the work. Plus, it will help your family members maintain realistic expectations.
  • Schedule time to take care of yourself: Whether it’s 10 minutes of meditation right after lunch or a 15-minute jog before heading to work, building time into your schedule for you can help you maintain your sanity.
  • Utilize your phone’s settings: Even if it’s just turning it off! Put your phone on Do Not Disturb during dinnertime.
  • Take a vacation: As a business owner, it’s hard to put work aside and take time off. Put a big vacation on the calendar for a year from now. Plan a mini-vacation for next month. Leave after work Friday and get home on Sunday afternoon. No time off, but you still had the chance to get away and reset.
  • Accept that there is no “perfect” situation: Things are going to come up at work that rock the balance you’ve established, and there will be something at home that needs to be prioritized over work.

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