What to Include in a Franchise Business Plan


A franchise business plan can help you get your plans in order and help you pitch the franchise opportunity to family and investors. Consider it a guide for how you will find success.

Franchise Business Plan Outline

Executive Summary

This is your introduction. If someone only has the chance to read one part of your franchise business plan, this is what they’ll read. What are your business’s purposes and goals? How do you plan on achieving this goal? What do the finances look like? It might be helpful to write this part last, after you’ve had the chance to hammer out the details in other sections.

Business Description

What is the franchise business like? Explain the products and services offered and how the business is doing nationally. Compare the business to competitors. Will there be any risks or challenges? How do you plan on addressing those things?

Management Summary

This is about you and who will be on your team. Explain why you are qualified to open this franchise and what kind of support you are bringing in from other employees.

Sales and Marketing

How will you get the word out about your location, products, or services? Often time the franchisor will provide these things, so do your research to find out the details.

Financial Projections & Requirements

What will it cost to get your franchise location open? How long will it take for you to turn a profit? How much money will you need to have on-hand? Consider making a profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement.

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