Looking for a Job?

Here are 8 Helpful Job Search Tips

If you’re currently looking for work, you may have noticed the process is a lot more competitive nowadays. The landscape has also changed with more remote jobs and digital requirements. But whatever your skill set, there are ways to help rise above the competition and find a position you can be proud of. Here are some job search tips to help make the process easier.

Job Search Tips

Like many things in life, having a plan helps to streamline any process. Learn some strategies to help improve your job search technique, resume writing, and networking skills.

  1. Focus. Before you start searching, focus on type of job you want. Sometimes it can get overwhelming, especially if you need a job fast. List the most important qualities, including location, industry, skills, and whether you want a full- or part-time position.
  2. Make the search your job. Whether you currently have a job or not, you should set aside time to polish your resume, search for opportunities, and respond to potential employers. Even if you already have a busy schedule, dedicating an hour or so every day will help get you closer to your goal.
  3. Stay flexible. Be open to opportunities you may not have considered before. Some volunteer, temporary, part-time, or contract positions can turn into a full-time job of your dreams.
  4. Keep applying. Sometimes the application and interview process can take a while. Continue applying to other jobs while you wait for a decision to be made. Even if you end up with multiple offers, at least you have options!
  5. Keep your materials relevant. Tailor your resume and cover letter to each job. Not only should it be current and concise, but scanning through relevant experience proves you have the right qualifications and can help distinguish yourself especially if the company is using keyword tracking to filter applications.
  6. Network. Make sure your previous colleagues and contacts know about your specific job search. They can help you connect with other opportunities. They can also offer references and recommendations to potential employers.
  7. Prepare for the interview. While you want to do initial research on the company you’re applying for, go deeper to help prepare for the interview. Look into who will be conducting the interview. Come up with a few questions about the specific job and overall company culture. Consider sending a brief thank you note following the meeting.
  8. Become an entrepreneur. Why not create a job for yourself? If you have the drive to provide a service, consider how you can start putting your skills to work right away.

Starting a Career with JDog Brands

If you’re a hard-working individual who lives by the values of Respect, Integrity, and Trust, we’re looking for you. Any Veteran or Veteran family member ready to make a difference with our community-centric company is invited to apply to one of our franchise opportunities. We look forward to being a part of your job search journey.