Franchisor Expectations of a Franchisee

3 Common Expectations

Reasonable Expectations for Franchisors

Franchisor and franchisee: the two most important roles in a franchising relationship. The franchisor is the person or organization that owns the company and has created franchising opportunities. The franchisee is the individual who pays to use the brand and business model to open a franchise location. Like all business relationships, this agreement comes with expectations. Today, we’re going over the likely franchisor expectations of a franchisee.

Franchisor Expectations of a Franchisee

  1. Represent the brand. As a franchisee, you, your employees, and your store location are all brand ambassadors. The way a customer feels about a location 500 miles away impacts what they think about your location, and vice-versa. It is expected that you will act in a way that accurately depicts the company as a whole to benefit every franchisee around the country or world.
  2. Follow the rules. Do you prefer to make your own rules and business decisions? Owning a franchise might not be right for you. As part of a franchise, you have an obligation to act according to your franchise agreement. This might impact the way you hire employees, offer services, and the hours you are expected to stay open. This is especially true for marketing efforts, which may get a granular as the type of font you use in your advertising.
  3. Make Money. Of course, the franchisor expects the franchisee to run the business with the tools given and earn money. How the company benefits from your individual success depends on your franchise agreement.

JDog Brands Offers Franchising Opportunities for Veterans & Their Family Members

At JDog Brands, we find Veterans and Military family members share our same ethos of Respect, Integrity, and Trust gained from time serving our country. It’s our goal to get the Veteran unemployment rate below 1%, so we also encourage franchisees to employ fellow heroes. You can support the cause and be a business owner through franchising opportunities with JDog Junk Removal & Hauling and JDog Carpet Cleaning & Floor Care. Your location can be up and running within eight weeks, so you can get started quickly! Call us today at 484-324-6444 to learn more.