Why Veterans Are Great Entrepreneurs

How Military Experience Translates to Business Success

Should You Hire Veterans?

There are many backgrounds that can provide someone with the experience they need to be a successful business owner. Time spent in the Military helps develop Veterans into great entrepreneurs. Learn the unique skills and responsibilities required in the Military that also set a business owner up for success.

Veterans Are Great Entrepreneurs: Here’s Why

  • Practiced Discipline. If the Military teaches one thing, it’s discipline. You upheld a tight schedule and knew your exact responsibilities, understanding opportunities and consequences. Business owners need to have the same discipline to find success, whether it’s the dedication to getting the job done right or showing up on time. This dedication is one of the things JDog is most known for.
  • A Shared Reputation. As Veterans ourselves, we have realized our Military backgrounds have helped us gain our customer’s trust quickly. They know what to expect when working with us is in line with the values we lived by during our time serving: Respect, Integrity, and Trust.
  • Leadership Experience and Example of Leadership Styles. As a member of the Military, you had the opportunity to see a variety of leadership styles (whether it is a style you wish to emulate or one you wish to avoid). One of the leading reasons businesses fail is because the leader isn’t a good one. Veteran business owners have a leg-up on this potential problem.

JDog Brands Offers Franchising Opportunities for Veterans & Their Families.

Jerry Flanagan, JDog’s president and an Army Veteran, opened the first JDog location with his wife, Tracy. They recognized the struggle many Veterans faced when acclimating back to civilian life and knew they had to do something to help the other Military families as this new stage of life begins. That’s when they committed themselves to create entrepreneurship opportunities exclusive for Veterans and their families—the JDog franchises. JDog encourages franchisees to employ other Veterans with the goal of reducing the Veteran unemployment rate to below 1%. If you or a Veteran you know is interested in opening a franchise location, call us today at 484-324-6444.