Should You Have an Operating Partner?

Reasonable Expectations for Franchisors

When you decide to become a business owner, you don’t have to go it alone. You can choose to go into business with an operating partner, someone who will share potentially equal business owner rights with you.

It might be right for you to work with an operating partner if…

  • You like having someone to bounce ideas off of.
  • You work well in a group.
  • You’d like some help handling some of the stressful parts of owning a business.
  • You’re open to compromise.
  • You’d like to share the financial responsibility of owning a business.

It’s probably not right for you to have an operating partner if…

  • You’d prefer to be the only one making key decisions.
  • You have the financial means to open a franchise by yourself.
  • You don’t have someone you could trust to be your partner.
  • You can’t agree on a potential business opportunity with a partner.

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