Do You Have the Support You Need

To Become a Franchise Owner?

Is Owning a Franchise Right for You?

Have you ever made a decision your family or close friends weren’t supportive of? You know it makes the process even harder than if you had people behind you, cheering you on along the way. Before you decide to become a franchise owner, it’s important to know you’ll have support from your friends and family.

How to Tell if You’ll Have Support

They Encourage You to Be a Business Owner: Before you even pitch the idea of becoming a franchise owner, have they discussed the idea of you opening your own business?

They Are Open to Change: Big changes are coming if you decide to take on the challenge of business ownership. How well do the most important people in your life respond to change?

They Offer Help: Whether they want to lend a hand by researching locations or watching the kids while you’re at some info sessions, the offer of help is a promising sign of support. Even if they are just able to lend an ear as you work through things, it is a sign they are on your side

They Ask for More Information: Not everyone is going to be ready to jump on board with your new plan. Even skeptics can show their support by asking for more information before making up their mind about whether or not they think it’s a good opportunity for you.

Are You a Veteran Who Is Ready to Become a Franchise Owner?

JDog Brands offers franchising opportunities exclusively for Veterans and Military family members. Does this sound like the right opportunity for you or someone you know? Find out more information today and call us to get started—you can become a franchise owner in as little as eight weeks.