JDog in the News – Page 30

In Business: Madison Local veteran really cleans up

JDog Junk Removal Madison’s Carol Poole talks about how her military background and entrepreneurial spirit prepared her to launch and manage the business.

WISC-TV (CBS Madison): Junk-removal business helps veterans find a purpose

Carol Poole, Regional Manager of JDog Junk Removal Madison, shares how the company is helping Veterans find a purpose after serving in the military.

Madison Patch: Military vet seeks to rid Madison of junk

Madison Patch promotes the grand opening of JDog Junk Removal Madison and talks to Regional Manager Carol Poole about the company’s sense of environmental stewardship and its support of veterans.

Portland Patch: Veteran-run junk removal service comes to Portland

Portland Patch interviews Jason Calhoun about the launch of JDog Junk Removal Portland South.